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Liquid Picks – The Best Water Filtration Systems For Your Home


Water is a fundamental human need and nature’s most vital resource for life. Clean and safe water is essential for hydration, cooking and keeping clean. It’s recommended by The Institute of Medicine that women consume 2.7 liters and men 3.7 liters of water per day to ensure that the water in our bodies (which constitutes two-thirds of our makeup) can efficiently perform the functions of transporting nutrients and removing waste. Water also helps to regulate the internal body temperature and improves memory and mood; being dehydrated by just 2% has been shown to impair cognitive performance so it important to remain well hydrated at all times.

Unfortunately contaminated drinking water is a major public health issue with water supplies for many people being contaminated with potentially harmful levels of biological, chemical and mineral impurities. Contaminants can come from many different sources such as industry, pharmaceuticals and personal care products that find their way into the water system and these can include fluoride, metals including lead and aluminum and treatments meant to keep our water safe such as chlorine. Some of these impurities are thought to pose serious health problems such as cancer, birth defects and to cause issues with the immune, reproductive and nervous system.

Drinking bottled water is also not without its drawbacks due to the environmental impacts of the over use of plastic along with the risks of chemicals leaching from the plastic bottles into the water over time.

The implementation of proper water filtration and purification in the home is a great way to avoid the hazards of potentially contaminated drinking water and at Liquid Interiors its one of the first things we implement in our clients homes. The WELL Building Standard also promotes high quality, safe and clean water through proper filtration techniques and regular water testing and this is one of the concepts we try to incorporate into every project.

Check out our recommendations for great home water filtration systems below:

1) Enagic Ionizer – This smart water filter has a touch screen surface allowing you to select what type of water you need for your purposes. It improves water ionization and heightens the antioxidant production potential.

2) Vitev Remin MAXX – Alkaline Reverse Osmosis provides best-in-class ionization performance and instantly turns tap water to fresh alkaline water. It filters fluoride, lead, chlorine and more with reverse osmosis. It also boosts water quality with premium minerals & antioxidants. The Maxx mineral mix is comprised of the best source of magnesium & calcium to re-mineralized RO-filtered water.

3) Everpure – activated carbon is a commercial grade whole house water filtration. The under-counter water filtration systems represent the ultimate in home water care. This water filtration uses Micro-Pure pre-coat filtration technology that delivers 6x more filtering power and superior chlorine and particulate reduction.


You may also check back our last blog here on which water filtration system is right for you. To link:

Using a water filtration system can help purify your water, removing impurities that cause serious illness, ultimately making it safe to drink. It can improve on its taste too and depending on the type of filter you use, you may also increase the mineral and antioxidant content of your water.

For more information on how to integrate suitable water filter into your home or workspace, feel free to speak to a healthy and eco-conscious expert today.

“Quality is Always Sustainable”

For more information, feel free to contact Liquid Interiors, your healthy and eco conscious interior design consultants.

Rowena Gonzales

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