Our interior design company creates spaces to relax, rejuvenate and make meaningful memories to last a lifetime.






Liquid Interiors is a full-service interior design firm in Hong Kong, designing and implementing 360-degree bespoke interiors from concept through to completion.

Our goal for each interior design HK project is to create beautiful, timeless, personalized, and meaningful interiors for our clients that improve their environment, health, and lifestyle.

Through the interior design and build process, we use our professional contractors to execute our designs. This means that we can be sure that the level of quality meets our high, environmentally friendly, and non-toxic standards.

For our residential projects, we tend to work on whole home projects. We provide a full bespoke turnkey service from concept through the construction process to selecting and ordering all the furniture and interior decoration accessories and completing the entire look and feel.

Our interior decorators and designers also provide bespoke services to select like-minded commercial clients to help them bring sustainability and wellness to their spaces. Our interior design company can aid in making this progressive approach more evident to their clients through visual awareness and marketing.

For best results and visibility in the business sector, we recommend full certification in a green building standard. Our interior design HK firm specializes in LEED® and The WELL® Building Standard, and we can include certification consultation within our interior decoration and design services.

Healthy and sustainable interior decoration or design is an increasingly positive investment in the future, so at Liquid Interiors, our Hong Kong interior decorators and designers work closely with developers to help them stand out from the market. We do this by providing inspirational living spaces realized through show flats and wellness real estate developments.

Our interior designers in Hong Kong are also specialists in integrating wellness into hospitality projects. They will use their knowledge of the latest wellness trends, innovative design, and technology to create visitor experiences connected with nature and rooted firmly in place.


We love to get to know new interior design HK clients! From the beginning of any project, our approach will emphasize our understanding of your health, wellness, and environmental priorities. We undertake a site visit and carry out an assessment to ensure we have a deep connection with and understanding of your lifestyle and interior design dreams. We provide precise details about the different stages of our process and also written proposals with design fees.

The first step for our interior designers is to define the concept for your project; this is where we can consider your design taste and aspirations for your dream space. We research ideas to produce a creative, visual concept and present these visuals as mood boards embodying your style, life aspirations, and wellness priorities. We also introduce you to how we will incorporate eco-living concepts into your home design or interior decoration. We also confirm layout plans and provide a preliminary program and budget.

This is the most fun part of the interior design process when we begin to bring your new space to life! During this stage, we work up your mood boards to create detailed plans and sketches, referring to you as you start to see your space taking shape. We also focus on our unique healthy and sustainable elements, such as an indoor air quality plan, water savings, space-saving, energy-saving, low VOC materials, equipment, lighting, and furniture. Our interior decorators and designers will meet to visit kitchen and bathroom showrooms. We then present our proposals with clear preliminary costs and updated programs to ensure we are prioritizing your needs along with your desired budget.

Our technical working drawings, created by our interior designer Hong Kong team, are to tender, certification, and construction standards. We create a circadian lighting presentation; we begin to work on the smaller details and specify all non-toxic material and long-lead furniture, fixtures, and equipment. We then present our interior design proposals using the latest 3D rendering technology that brings to life your completed project.

At the pricing and tender stage of our interior design process, we invite prices from our contractors based on your drawing tender set, bill of quantities, mood boards, and 3D visuals. Our designers and interior decorators in Hong Kong can then provide you with an analysis of their submissions. Our interior design HK team works with a limited number of trusted contractors to work through the project to ensure high-quality work.

See our interior designs come to life! Our interior designer HK team fully manage and implement the construction of our projects, coordinating contractors and suppliers, ensuring that we get the highest quality detailed finish from the companies working for us. We insist that a minimum of 50% of site demolition waste is recycled and that all materials on site are low in VOCs. Our interior design company also has strict site rules that minimize contamination of our projects with unhealthy materials.

Our interior decorators in Hong Kong arrange purchasing, detailed styling and staging of the project during this stage as they curate furniture, art, and accessories to perfect your finished look. Our interior decorators have the fun job of deciding upon the items of furniture and styling that will be the finishing touches. These are the items that will help that feeling of emotional and physical wellbeing and a sense of connection. It’s so important to our interior decorator Hong Kong team that your home will reflect you, your passions and interests, and to be a meaningful space for you to spend time. Once work on-site is completed and we styled your space to photoshoot standard. There is a minimum budget for our styling service. 

After an interior design Hong Kong project, we will undertake a deep clean using certified green cleaning products and by testing, we ensure safe levels of air and water quality before moving in. We like to ensure that everything that goes into construction has low or zero VOCs. Once the project is complete, we conduct a full fresh air flush out for 24 hours to remove any dust and particles that may have entered the air inadvertently during the works.

In the last stage of an interior design HK project, just before you move into your property, we check and inspect the property with you to ensure that there are no remaining defects. We also provide you with a detailed maintenance guide and planning document. This information will help you to maintain your new equipment, such as water filters, air filters, and air conditioning. We suggest green cleaning protocols and products, and we train you in the energy and air quality monitoring and use of smart technology.


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Our interior design HK company offers a wide range of services to cater to your design needs. From conceptualizing and planning to execution and installation, we provide full-service interior design solutions that include space planning, color consultation, furniture selection, lighting design through to the final touches of interior decoration. Our interior design services can be customized to improve your specific wellness and eco-lifestyle requirements.

Typically, the interior design process involves a few stages, which include concept design with wellness and sustainability consultation, design development, working drawings, pricing, tendering, and construction management.

The time it takes to complete the interior design process varies based on the project’s size and complexity. For a 1,500 sq ft flat, expect approximately 3 months for the design phases and 5-6 months for the construction phase. However, this timeline may vary depending on the scope of the project, the client’s requirements, and the availability of materials and contractors.

The cost of hiring an interior designer in Hong Kong varies depending on the complexity of the project, the level of customization, and the scope of work. Generally, the interior design fee cost normally reflects 8-12% of the expected total project value.

Our Hong Kong interior decorators and designers understand that every client has a unique taste and style, and we strive to bring their vision to life. Our decorators and interior designers in Hong Kong work closely with you to understand your preferences and create a design that reflects your personality and meets your specific needs. We consider factors such as space, lighting, color, and function to create a space that is both practical and aesthetically pleasing. Our interior designer HK team will start with a detailed questionnaire, review style boards till we can fully understand your likes and dislikes and based on the final style direction we design and communicate the design with sketches and 3D renderings. At the final stages a specialized interior decorator makes the project come alive with accent pieces and works with the interior designer closely. Design proposals require client approvals at each stage to avoid surprises and assure that everyone is happy with the outcome.

Interior designers typically work with their clients to establish a budget and then develop a design plan that meets their client’s aesthetic and functional goals while staying within their budget. While every interior design HK project is unique, our team of interior designers are trained to work within a variety of budget ranges and can often suggest ways to maximize the budget to achieve the desired result.

For private homes, most interior designers work within the mid to high-end market tier and may have access to sources that can provide select furniture pieces at competitive rates, sometimes below retail price. However, it’s important to note that the size of the project can impact the overall budget and the designer’s ability to work within a specific budget range.

For business projects, interior designers in HK may have a minimum size requirement, and they may use a construction tendering process to compare 2-3 contractor’s quotes to ensure that clients get the most competitive rate for their needs. This process can help ensure that the project stays within budget while still achieving the desired design goals.

Ultimately, the interior designer’s ability to work within a specific budget range will depend on the project’s size, complexity, and the client’s specific needs and expectations. It’s important to communicate your budget clearly with your interior designer at the outset of the project to ensure that they are able to develop a design plan that meets your goals while staying within your budget.

As an interior design Hong Kong firm, we have access to a wide range of materials and products from trusted suppliers. We carefully choose materials and products that are both aesthetically pleasing and of high quality. Our interior design HK team is knowledgeable about the latest design trends and can recommend materials and products that best suit your project. For sustainable design practices we always use low VOC paints, finishes and adhesives, FSC and formaldehyde free plywood and flooring and Greenguard certified products as often as possible.

Yes, we offer sustainable design options for clients who prioritize environmental responsibility from the interior design, construction to the interior decoration phases. Our interior designers in Hong Kong are knowledgeable in international building standards such as LEED and the WELL Building Standard about sustainable design and wellness practices and we always recommend non-toxic materials and products. Our interior decorators and designers will always strive to minimize waste and use materials that are recycled or responsibly sourced.

We believe that the client should be involved in every step of the interior design process. We encourage open communication and collaboration between our interior designers and clients. We listen to your needs and preferences and incorporate your feedback into the design plan. We provide regular updates and involve you in decision-making processes throughout the project.

Yes, we can provide references and examples of our past work to showcase our interior design and interior decoration capabilities. Our interior design Hong Kong portfolio features a wide range of projects that demonstrate our design style and versatility. We also have satisfied client who can provide testimonials of our work. If there is a project close to completion then we may be able to arrange site tours if available for viewing.

Yes, we offer post-design services to ensure that your space remains beautiful and functional. Typically, our service continues construction administration 2 months after the project handover. Our interior design Hong Kong company will provide a maintenance guide with upkeep services recommendations to ensure that your space remains in top condition. We also offer one aftercare full consultation 1 year after moving in to keep up with maintenance and offer solutions to ensure maximum functionality and durability. To stay with the latest trends, we offer interior decoration updates to past clients upon request.

An interior designer is trained to design and create functional spaces, working with architects and contractors to design the entire space with the goal of health and safety as a main priority. An interior decorator specializes in the decorative aspects of a space, selecting and arranging furniture, fabrics, and accessories to create a particular aesthetic. Our team has a variety of specialties from technical interior designers, site coordinators, interior decorators in Hong Kong. Our full-service interior design HK projects are typically managed by one interior designer as a main point of contact.

No, we do not offer standalone interior decoration in Hong Kong. However, as a full-service interior design company, we provide interior decoration as part of our comprehensive service package. Our team of expert interior designers and interior decorators in Hong Kong work collaboratively to deliver complete solutions, from conceptualization and planning to execution and installation. We strive to create beautiful, functional, and personalized interiors for our clients, promoting healthy and environmentally-conscious lifestyles. Our team is highly skilled and knowledgeable about the latest design trends and can recommend materials and products that best suit your project. Whether you need an interior decorator or an interior designer in Hong Kong, our full-service package has got you covered.

Our team of professional interior designers and interior decorators in Hong Kong work together to source furniture and décor for each project, based on the specific style requirements of our clients. We strive to source items that are in stock and available locally to minimize lead times and costs. However, when high-quality or unique pieces are not available within the region, we source from suitable areas that meet our quality standards and have the best time frames and reasonable shipping costs. Our interior design HK team has extensive knowledge and experience in sourcing furniture and interior decoration, and we prioritize sustainability and eco-friendliness in our selection process. At our interior design company, we believe that sourcing the right pieces is an integral part of creating a beautiful and functional space that reflects our clients’ unique style and personality. Whether it’s an interior decorator or an interior designer in Hong Kong, we work tirelessly to ensure that every detail is carefully considered and executed.

If trying furniture before ordering is a priority for you, it’s best to communicate this to your interior designer in HK at the beginning of the project. Our team of professional interior designers and interior decorators in Hong Kong work collaboratively to source furniture and decor that fit the design concept and style requirements of each project. While we strive to source items that are in stock and available locally, some pieces may need to be sourced from other regions or even countries. In such cases, trying the furniture before ordering may not be possible due to logistical constraints. However, if you have specific furniture pieces in mind, our team will do their best to source them locally where they are available in showrooms for you to try before placing an order. At our interior design company, we prioritize our clients’ satisfaction and work closely with them to create beautiful and functional spaces that meet their unique needs and preferences.

At Liquid Interiors, we are a full-service interior design Hong Kong company, and as such, we take care of all aspects of the design process, including sourcing furniture and interior decoration. We believe that our clients benefit from having us manage the procurement process as it helps us to ensure that the timeline is managed and the quality of the furniture and interior decoration is up to our standards. Additionally, by sourcing the furniture and decor ourselves, we can ensure that each piece fits perfectly with the design concept and style of the project. While we understand that some clients may want to purchase their own furniture, we do not offer this as an option as part of our interior decoration service. We are committed to providing our interior design Hong Kong clients with the best possible service and creating beautiful, functional spaces that meet their unique needs and preferences.