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How Liquid Interiors designed a sustainable home that tells a story


Sustainable living is a lifestyle. Many people aspire to live in a home built with an intention to lessen carbon footprint and preserve the natural environment’s resources using energy efficient and eco-friendly materials. For our client, style and sustainability went hand in hand.

In this bespoke home we renovated it with eco-friendly materials and furnished it with sustainable decor and accessories that also unfold the personality and roots of the owner.

The owner of this home is a fashion designer that is originally from Indonesia and worked as a fashion designer in New York City. The concept of the home is Bali Industrial. Within the space we incorporated materials that represent the client’s love for fashion and also furnished it with sustainable furniture and accessories that connect to her roots. All photos used in this feature are beautifully captured by Simon J Nicol Photography.


We use eco-friendly and non-toxic materials in the renovation process. Liquid Interiors home design services take a holistic approach – from concept through to styling that meets the client’s lifestyle and reflects their personality. For example, the tiles we used in the bathrooms are meant to mimic fabric and patchwork and are made from partially recycled materials. These fabric textures accentuate the owner’s love for fashion.

Sustainability is the heart of everything we do and we champion local artisans and designers to ensure that each home brings meaning. We are being sustainable but also personalising it and giving meaning to our clients. It’s the story behind all those pieces that makes it unique.

Your home is your sanctuary. Fill it with wonderful things that makes you happy. 

The result: an eclectic and meaningful home space that champions the craftsmanship of local artisans. We filled the space with sustainable furniture – each piece tells a story waiting to be told.

Some of the highlights of this home is this repurposed teak wood dining table, and on top are the hand woven, rattan pendants from South East Asia.

There’s also a beautiful coffee table made from salvaged American walnut, and finally a TV cabinet made from FSC hand crafted wood – outsourced from Indonesia.

Sit down and relax in this living area. 

Every space in this home is filled with sustainable materials that evokes wellness, even in the bathroom. The pattern design of the tiles gives the bathroom a sense of high class living. We use high grade tiles that are both environmentally friendly and aesthetically beautiful.

Customised bathroom design better than hotel bathroom layout. 

The master bathroom is also designed to have both the bathtub for longer soaking, and the shower for a quick rinse.

Hop in the bathroom, lather and rinse in comfort. 

If you are looking to redecorate your space with sustainable furniture made by talented artisans, we are taking you on a tour with hopes you will be inspired to pick up the sustainability lifestyle. When you are using sustainable materials, you are being more responsible because you are giving opportunity for the local businesses and local artisans.

Reconnect with your roots

The living room is the best place to showcase the personal value you give to your space. For a young fashion designer who is from Indonesia and studied in New York, the result of this space is a modern living home filled with warm and cosy ambiance.

This TV Cabinet from Ethnicraft is beautifully pieced together by artisans in Indonesia. It has one flip-down door and two drawers, made with solid teak doors, oak veneer body and black metal legs. It’s also FSC Certified. The pattern is carefully handcrafted that gives a unique and distinct character.

This coffee table from Sprue is also a scene stealer. It is made from an American Black Walnut salvaged tree stump. Sprue specialises in high quality custom furniture that is made to order, you can ensure that your chosen design is unique to your personal touch.

Top shot of coffee table. 

Adding layers to a space gives an extra touch of class. The natural jute rug from Miss Amara, which is hand loomed in India by skilled artisans, adds luxury and sophistication to your home.

Another interesting feature is this ladder made from reclaimed solid teak wood. It’s decorative and versatile display piece can be used for various purposes – you can add hooks and hang your towels or handbags on the go. To personalise it further, you can also add pictures or put indoor plants on it.

Eat happily

The kitchen is a place of nourishment. Sustainable and eco-friendly furniture makes your dining place eventful and can spark conversation among your guests.

This dining table from Tree is an interesting piece. It is beautifully handcrafted from reclaimed solid teak wood from salvaged old Indonesian houses, fishing boats and even railroad sleepers. This unique piece of furniture speaks of a distinct quality that repurposed materials, lovingly crafted by master artisans.

Be comfortably seated in these dining chairs made from long-lasting and environmentally-friendly resin wicker. These are also beautifully crafted by local artisans in Indonesia.

From tables, chairs, wall decors and plants, everything in this dining area sparks the Bali vibe. 

The kitchen area is artfully incorporated with its modern industrial look that grabs attention. Its sleek, minimal and modern approach makes it unique. Design also plays a role when it comes to function. The table is skillfully laded in u-shape, making everything in the kitchen, from handling ingredients to preparation – within reach.

The quartz counter is not just environmentally friendly and highly durable. It is also antibacterial, stain resistant, acid resistant, and scratch resistant, making this piece of counter a must-have for longevity. 

Every piece of furniture is handmade in the spirit of traditional craftsmanship, giving soul and unique character to each design.

Work in style

Staying productive is vital especially that a lot of people are treating their home as an extension of their workplace. For our client who is working in a creative industry, the need for new ideas and inspiration is essential.

Having a nice dedicated workspace helps with concentration and adding flair in the form of sustainable, ergonomic furniture makes work fun and manageable. This office desk is handcrafted in Hong Kong and is made from European white oak.

Simple and dedicated workspace. The area’s natural light helps improve concentration. 

Glam and Beauty

Beauty is sustainable. Natural beauty is very much reflected in this area, and each material brings joy, light, and meaning to the space and that makes it special.

This make up area, master bedroom, and walk in closet is designed for easy wardrobe change and last minute make up touches. 

Using natural materials goes a long way. All drawers in this area are made from 100% sisal, a renewable material. The desk is also made from Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) wood.

Glam up before heading out. 

Sleep like you are back home

Finally, your bedroom is a special place that is as comforting and meaningful as you want it to be. Living in the busy Causeway Bay, having good sleep is vital for rejuvenation.

Image render of master bedroom. 

To safeguard our client’s need for good quality sleep, we sourced these sustainable materials from In Bed Store and Sunday Bedding that spell royal comfort, eco-friendly, and locally sourced. The sheets and blankets are made from materials that underwent careful cutting, dyeing, and post-processing. The amount and quality of textiles production encompasses more than just sourcing alternative materials.

Fall asleep in the guest bedroom and let the day’s worries fade away. 

Next, we ensure that the mattress is not only comfortable enough, but also is an eco-friendly option that promotes improved sleep. The mattress we used are sustainably sourced and certified by Oeko-Tex Standard 100 Certification, which is completely free from nearly 100 harmful chemicals. The fabric also has 5-Star hotel quality at a comfortable price.

To complement the room’s interior for eco-friendly design, the headboard used is also made from sustainable material.

Tuck yourself in these fitted sheets that will set you off for dreamland.  

The sheets and pillows are sustainably sourced and made from environmentally-friendly and organic linen. The pillows are appropriately, ethically and aesthetically sourced that reminds her of sleeping like she’s back home in Indonesia. We listen to our clients’ needs and provide her the maximum level of comfort attuned with her health needs. Even the bolsters are made from hypoallergenic organic latex designed to give warmth and comfort.

Final image render of master bedroom. 

Sustainable living is a lifestyle that one chose to live with. By going sustainable, we also recognise our local artisans and the value of the work that they do in every piece by bringing it to life. Making space in your home to showcase a beautiful design gives more than credit to the local community of artisans. Sustainability is the heart of everything we do, and bringing forth the rich design and story of each masterpiece is another way to empower and celebrate local craftsmanship.

The value of eco-friendly renovation

Most people think having an eco-friendly construction and renovation is costly. Is it?

“People always have the idea that the eco-friendly construction is way more expensive than regular construction,” Rowena Gonzales, our Founder and CEO of Liquid Interiors, says. “For example, the cost of the paint, the cost of the glue, or the cost of the wood, the special types of wood veneer, if you take that in relationship to the whole construction, it’s only 5%.”

As an eco-friendly interior design company, Liquid Interiors mission from day one has been to create a space where the process of construction and renovation are as meaningful as the outsourced furniture and design that makes a home happy, beautiful and where memories are made to last a lifetime.

Invite your guests to lounge and relax in your living room with these furniture filled with wonderful stories. 

Eco-friendly construction and renovation does not have a significant cost increase within a mid-range budget project and in fact, it’s cost effective in the long run. It takes a very knowledgeable designer to give the right direction, specification, and quality control. With designers specialising in LEED APs and WELL APs, we ensure that each client’s home renovation needs are meticulously handled and ensures that stringent quality measures in construction are met.

“Quality is Always Sustainable”

For more information, feel free to contact Liquid Interiors, your healthy and eco conscious interior design consultants.

Rowena Gonzales

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