Family Ever After: A Modern Classic Spanish Home


Homes are created in order to make each family member feel happy, replenished, nourished and safe. Certain milestones are connected to memories, something the family always wants to remember.

The 1,539 square feet space is a perfect home for any family, replete with timeless elegance that makes anyone feel warm, welcome, and invited. A young couple wanted to recreate the same ambience in their home as they looked back at one of their happiest moments of their lives – their wedding day in California.

To bring back the good memories of their Spanish-inspired wedding, every inch of the 1,539 square feet space was filled with Spanish inspired interior elements with a modern touch. From earth textures, soft wood, Spanish tiles and patterns – the essence is beautifully designed to craft a compelling space that’s classic, timeless and where memories are made to last a lifetime.

Liquid Interiors specialises in full scale renovation work for large properties, giving a classic touch of luxury and comfort in every home.


A visually aesthetic family haven

The family wanted a space that was both functional and flexible, and that can easily adapt to their needs. Staying true to the form and function and giving it an elegant uplift with Spanish ornate elements and wooden accents, Liquid Interiors styled each area to provide a cosy ambience.

The living area and the kitchen share the same large, wide open space. Keeping it clean and simple, the common area is painted in classic white, and paired with earth tones to make it friendly, welcoming and light.

tech free option concealed tv

Stylish tech-free interior for a classy finish.

living area with nice natural daylight

Natural lighting makes the space bright and welcoming.

The smallest details bring out the striking differences. This beautifully designed pattern on the kitchen island, carefully laid out and matched with solid, soft wood textures, is a pleasing way to add personality to any space.

kitchen patterned tiles

Privacy is King

modern spanish interior glass doors acoustic privacy

While the open space promotes movement and interaction among family members, privacy is still very much necessary. The glass door installed, serves as an acoustic barrier and separation within the home, placed between the sleeping quarters and common areas, providing privacy and personal comfort for the family.

nursery area stuff toy

Overlooking from the kitchen, the kids’ playroom can be viewed in plain sight. This is designed to make watching over the kids an easy and comforting process while parents are preparing in the kitchen. The kids area also has a wooden door which can be kept close, designed in case the children fall asleep, allowing parents to enjoy their dinner in peace. To make the space fully functional, the play area can easily be converted into a nursery should the family decide to grow in the future.

open kitchen area overlooking nursery area

Nurture curiosity

To create a clean and happy space wherein the children’s curiosities can be nurtured, a dedicated reading space encourages children to open up a book, allowing for their imagination to take them on a journey. A front facing book shelf display is installed that allows children to reach for any book of their liking.


Classically designed for sustainable comfort 

Design meets function. With a growing family, clutter becomes part of the norm. Liquid Interiors anticipated this and ensured that the space is flexible and sustainable enough to meet the needs of the family. A family-friendly design pro-tip: large storage walls to hide strollers.

Rowena Gonzales, Founder and CEO of Liquid Interiors, said, “Sustainability is about having a personal connection to the space. We don’t want to be trendy, we want to bring meaning.” Between the cushion and the wall lies a makeshift storage space designed for keeping large items at bay, like the kids’ scooters. Having that makeshift space is more efficient than having a storage room. Overall, the build and structure of the entire space also allows for a lot of storage space, keeping clutter and encouraging movement.


living area with large storage space

Behind the sofa is a large smart space saver for clutter-free storage.

To maximise family bonding in the living and dining area, a panel door with a chosen artwork conceals the TV. The absence of tech allows the family to bond, listen and attend to each other’s needs.

tech free option concealed tv

Take a tech break and conceal your TV with a curated artwork of your choice.


Cosy Ambience

Every part is designed for maximum comfort and movement.

As well, circadian lighting is also a big factor for the home’s cosy ambience. Natural daylight especially in common areas provides comfort and relaxation.

sofa with plants

Plants are carefully placed in every room to create a harmonious space for zen.

The interior was designed to become a kid-friendly haven with no sharp corners, providing maximum safety and protection for the kids.

hanging pendants

Sleep in style as you get ready for bed.

Retreating into the bedroom, design and style brings comfort, such as these long drop pendant lamps that illuminates a certain class and sass.


Kids play haven

This family-friendly space also has sizable fun and playful elements for the kids, and even the kids at heart, to enjoy for themselves.

Play make believe fairytales in this dreamy tent.

This family-friendly space also has sizable fun and playful elements for the kids, and even the kids at heart, to enjoy for themselves.

Books, toys, and cute throw pillows – this area is meant for the kids to allow their imagination to run wild.

nursery area stuff toy with books

Play and learn with beautiful and educational materials.

To ensure the play area is free from clutter, there’s a provided space where kids can hang their backpacks, among other things.

nursery bag

Who loves ice cream? The kids do!

Kids can also choose any book of their liking on this shelf that is easy to reach.

children's book shelf

children's book shelf

Easy access for the kids.


Wellness for life

The space is customised with sustainable and eco-friendly features to safeguard the entire family’s health.

A whole water filtration system was installed to ensure that water is clean and potable for everyday use, as well as a centralised air purification system to boost the family’s immune system. Longevity of wellness is sustained with natural daylight seeping into the home to illuminate a warm and welcoming feeling.

To save on construction costs while maximising style and staying true to eco-friendly design, the kids’ cabinets are reused with non-toxic materials, including Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) greenguard certified wood veneer. These are applied to all the doors and wooden storage cabinets.

Prior to the family moving in, Liquid Interiors has standard procedures to perform air quality testing in order to flush out unnecessary toxins from the renovation before the whole family moves in.

Having a personal connection to space is important. Home is your sanctuary, with the right style and design, you can make it cosy, classic, and timeless, a space that you love to come home to always.


“Quality is Always Sustainable”

For more information, feel free to contact Liquid Interiors, your healthy and eco conscious interior design consultants.

Rowena Gonzales

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