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Feel Good Lighting Up Your Home This Christmas!


Christmas is a time that we light up our homes to provide a welcoming and atmospheric place to gather with friends and family and (for the lucky ones!) for some quieter time to rest and relax. We’ve gathered together some bright ideas below to inspire you to make good choices about lighting up your home for Christmas and the New Year ahead!

Lighting Up Your Home 

The right lighting in our homes can make a huge difference to how we experience our most personal spaces. A home lighting scheme should always be designed with a variety of different lighting options to provide task lighting, ambient lighting and feature lighting. These can be placed at differing heights and highlight different areas, for practicality or effect.


However, these days lighting decisions go way beyond a lighting scheme as lighting technology moves on apace with advancements in energy saving and our understanding of how light can effect our sleep, energy levels and more general health.


Eco-Conscious Lighting

We recommend to always choose the eco-conscious energy saving option when replacing existing lighting; LED’s are now commonplace and save you money while being good for the environment. Solar powered lights are also a sustainable option and are becoming more available, you just need to remember to leave them in sunlight during the daytime!


Healthy Lighting

The Philips Hue lighting range can provide healthy lighting that mirrors your natural body rhythms, waking you up with an energy inducing bright light and creating a warm ambient light for the evening, mirroring a natural dawn and sunset. It can also be controlled via a SMART app to turn on and off when you’re away from home and has additional functions to be creative with color.


Safe Candlelight

Candles are of course a traditional and extremely atmospheric way to create an attractive scene or ambience in your home, but be careful what is contained in them. Many candles are made with paraffin which burns giving off toxic (and some carcinogenic) fumes, wicks can contain heavy metals such as lead that enter the air and artificial scents and dyes can give off additional unhealthy chemicals. Buy beeswax and soya based candles and those naturally made that list the ingredients to ensure you are not compromising your air quality.



To find out more about some of the products we’ve featured above check out the links below!

Childrens Solar Mason Jar & LED Night Lights

Philips Hue Personal Wireless Lighting

Solar Fairy Lights

Thanks For The Sun Lamp  wall light

Awair Glow air quality monitor with nightlight

Natural Non Toxic Christmas Candles


Wishing you a bright and sparkling Christmas and a year of healthy and eco light in 2018!


For more information, feel free to contact Liquid Interiors, your healthy and eco conscious interior design consultants.

“Quality is Always Sustainable”

For more information, feel free to contact Liquid Interiors, your healthy and eco conscious interior design consultants.

Rowena Gonzales

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