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5 Wellness Activities to Do at Home


While restrictions are easing with the rollout of vaccines in different countries, finding things to do at home remains a struggle even before the global pandemic. Limited movement at the onset of the pandemic made us rethink life outdoors. But do our daily activities that involve leisure movement and self-care need to be hampered while staying indoors? Here are some activities to do at home that you can enjoy at your convenience while staying healthy and sustainable in your practices. 


1. Set-up Your Home Where It Encourages Movement

Kitchen table on the foreground and staircase in the back ground.Overlook yet another stunning view straight from your home.

One of the most apparent activities you could do at home is exercise! But how can you make it more engaging when you want to encourage movement in this digital age? The boon with technology is how it is now able to detect motion. Adding a visually appealing material and content, these technologies make it an eye-pleaser while keeping you on the move. Some of these include the known Just Dance Video Game Series and Wii Fit.

But there are far better options than sticking to these pieces of tech. In your home, you could beautify your staircases where it would make going to and from one place to another a breeze to do. Encourage working standing up by having a high-table work set up in your kitchen area or living space. It will benefit you in having varying spaces to work in and even enhance your productivity in the long run!

If you want something more ‘permanent,’ dedicate a well-ventilated and well-maintained room where you can place all your exercise equipment from yoga mats to weights. Dedicate your time to doing the exercises in this space where you can have the movement and do exercises you need in a day to live a healthier and happier life.


2. Have Creative and Imaginative Art-centered Spaces for You

Creative and imaginative art-centered space

Enrich creativity in your sanctuary.

Whether you’re living alone or staying with family, honing creativity and imagination may pose a challenge when moving around is limited inside the house. Innovating your ways in approaching creative blocks varies from one person to another. But, having a schedule of activities on hand is one of the easiest ways to implement in your routine, with the spaces available in your home. Explore painting while on the dining table during your free time and enjoy snacks on the side. Pursue reading and writing in a well-lit area like on the sofa beside a reading light by the living room. 

Reading light beside a sofa

Cozy up to a book under a reading light on your sofa.

There are many activities you can do with enriching creativity and jumping above the hurdle of these blocks, may it be through curiosity or by habit. To better facilitate these enrichment activities, take it a step further by having a designated space where inspiration can come to life through your works and ideas refreshed through words. Keep it well-lit by having a lamp either above or beside your art space, add photos or works of art to be posted on your wall where you can draw inspiration. Organize books into shelves and ready to read at an arm’s reach and sort paint brushes, colored pencils, and pens into different containers. Got pieces of art papers lying around? Sort them in a minimalist-looking file organizer to make it look less cluttered and more organized.


3. Explore Home Gardening And Indoor Composting

Smart CARA homemade compostMake composting fun and easy to do.

While it may seem an unusual activity, starting your home garden is not only a fun activity to involve yourself in; it is also an opportunity to explore your options for eating organic foods. Whether you want to plant and grow your tomato, chives, or greens, home gardening is perfect, and crops may thrive through a small home gardening setup. You do not have to start big at the onset; beginning with a single seed in a pot is better—this gives you the chance to gauge how committed you can be with tending your plants. In planting indoors, use plant pot dishes that capture excess water and make your budding garden more organized and sustainable in the long run. 

With home gardening, you also get to use your biodegradable kitchen scraps and turn them into compost! Having a Smart CARA can make your homemade compost easy to manage in just a matter of a few hours. This homemade compost can be mixed in your soil, making your garden soil healthier and signals your homegrown veggies and plants to thrive better. While it may seem pricey, having a Smart CARA is a good investment to have in your home knowing that it can do the job whenever you have food scraps laying around. This, too, will make your home sustainable and virtually zero-waste for organic matter such as vegetable scrapings, fruit peelings, and even small fish bones. Having one can already fit in a small cabinet under your sink or in a cupboard.

Aside from potted plants, explore the use of vertical-growing climbers such as passion fruit and easier-to-grow blue butterfly pea. These not only provide you passion fruit to harvest or blue butterfly pea flowers to pick for tea, but these plants may also provide shade when needed or simply, a beautiful sight to see in your home.


4. Cook Healthy Meals Together

Kitchen islandHang out with friends and family over good food and ambient space.

One of the exciting things you could dabble on while at home is preparing your meals and cooking. You can make it extra special by having your friends and family join you in your breakfast, lunch, or dinner preps for the day! Preparing food together invites you and your companions to help around, encourages movement in the kitchen, and sparks some interesting conversations. It deepens your relationship with them and you get to have a fun and enjoyable moment worth looking back to when you get to hang out more in the future.

Maintaining conversations might seem a challenge while cooking but it should not be when you have all that you need neatly organized and within reach. Gather people around your sturdy kitchen island as you slice through vegetables and see them peel more carrots and potatoes. Amaze them when you bring out your cooking pots from pantry cabinets that seamlessly blend in your kitchen counters or center island. Spark banters about your favorite cooking spoons neatly organized in your drawers or small minimalist holders. Pick different sauces, spices, and garnishes in a fine-looking, spinning caddy that sits at the corner of your kitchen counter. Making sure these items are within your reach makes cooking a sustainable activity to do whether alone or with your friends!


5. Develop Mindfulness.

Bay window area

A place for some me-time and a period of self-reflection.

While it is difficult to have mindfulness, one of the easiest ways to develop this skill is by meditating. During these times, conserving your energies are warranted with the amount of information we get each day and while meditating may seem arduous, you can amp it up by starting with your eyes closed and being in touch with your senses.

Don’t be afraid to create a space where you can reflect, relax, and be quiet. Take time to destress and be in touch with your spirituality. There’s always an option to just find a comfortable place for you to sit or even stand and just take deep breaths to release any negative emotion you have, a moment of silence you deserve and can cherish.

Go deeper into meditation when you have potted greenery in your space to feel more attuned with nature and breathe in fresh air as you breathe out the stress. Perform this mindfulness exercise in a well-lit and ventilated area preferably with windows open and sunlight in. It would not hurt moving a few pieces of furniture but it’s better if you have a dedicated spot in your home that hits the sweet spot of comfort, sunlight, and ventilation.


Whether you already have a knack for any of these activities, devoting more of your time to enjoy them amid a pandemic or after long busy days makes it more worthwhile. These do not only enhance your capabilities as a human being, but you also get to stay sustainable in your daily practices involving your kids. At Liquid Interiors, we adhere to the WELL Building Standard in making the right and best decisions of what you should have in your homes to make your living efficient, safe, and healthy. If you want to know more about what you can do at your home, read more here.

“Quality is Always Sustainable”

For more information, feel free to contact Liquid Interiors, your healthy and eco conscious interior design consultants.

Rowena Gonzales

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