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10 Tips On How To Save Energy In Your Home


At Liquid we believe there are many reasons why it is important to have an energy efficient home to names a few, you can save money, it helps improve the economy its great for the environment and it enhances overall quality of life. So here are some simple tips on how to do it in your home.

1. Illumination

LEDs can save around 75% of electricity as compared to using incandescent lamps. The average lifespan of an LED is 8 times longer than that of an incandescent lamp.​ LEDs also produce less heat than incandescent lamps and will lower your cooling load.

2. Air Conditioning & Heating

Clean the filters of air conditioner regularly to increase effectiveness

Use electric fan with air conditioner to increase the circulation of cool air. This enables you to keep your air conditioner 2-3 degrees higher.

Select Inverter Type Reverse Cycle Air-conditioner (RCAC) that can help save 50% of energy used as compared to fan heaters.

3. Cooking

Use gas stoves instead of electric induction cooking. Gas  (LPG / Towngas) as it is generally less expensive to operate than electric.

4. Dehumidification

Dehumidifier with Grade 1 energy label can save 24% of energy as compared to using a Grade 3 dehumidifier. Keep the windows and doors closed when using a dehumidifier.

5. Water heating


Use a natural gas water heater or an electric heater with an energy efficiency label #1.

If outdoor space is available use a heat pump and solar water heater. This can save up to 87% on your water-heating bill.

6. Standby Equipment

Install an “away” switch which will turn off all standby equipment when not in use. Select equipment with and energy efficiency label 1 or EnergyStar label.


7.  Insulation

Use double glazed windows with Low-e glass. This will help with acoustics too.

Sheer window covering with heat reflecting backing can let light in during the day while reflecting heat at the same time.

8.  Track and measure

Install an energy meter to track real-time energy consumption in dollar amounts.

9.   Showers

Take a 5 minute shower with an energy efficient water heater and a low flow shower head. Adjust water setting to 120 degrees rather than 140 degrees and save 10% in water heating costs.

10. Washer & Dryer         

Use an energy efficient washer and dryer. Wash laundry in cold water. Select a front loading washing machine and cut water consumption by 25%.

Above are a few simple ideas that are easy to incorporate into any home.

“Quality is Always Sustainable”

For more information, feel free to contact Liquid Interiors, your healthy and eco conscious interior design consultants.

Rowena Gonzales

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