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10 Tips for Hosting a Luxury Eco-Friendly Christmas Party


10 Tips for Hosting a Luxury Eco-Friendly Christmas Party in 2022


Luxury is time with your loved ones. It’s feeling relaxed in an environment where you can appreciate what matters most and knowing that you are safe and healthy. After years of living though wave after wave in a pandemic many of us now prefer small intimate dinners over large parties. If you are hosting this year make a statement. Show how you can be stylish and still be eco-conscious and mindful of health.



Ditch the disposable plastic cutlery and plates no matter now nice they are making them these days. Think back to how your grandma would bring out her best china and how special you felt. Washing dishes and cleaning up together gave you a change to work together talk and hang out in a different more intimate way. Invest in a set of matching serving ware that can make your evening feel special as well as every day. Ask your guests to wrap their food and in containers without disposable wrapping and avoid plastic in their gift wrapping.



Keep your invite list intimate. Entertain for a select amount of your favorite people. There is a beautiful thing about being able to connect and have a chance to really have meaningful conversations with everyone at your party. As well, you can focus on quality verses quantity and really create a full experience for each guest. With a smaller guest list then it become much more manageable to create beautiful table settings. If kids and adults are together, consider an adult’s table and a separate kid’s table.



Re-imagine the holidays without shiny tinsel, plastic reindeer, moving laughing and light up Santas and reconnect to nature. Nature has all the beauty in the world to create a festive mood. There is nothing more soothing than enjoying nature and enjoying the flickering warm light from some natural beeswax candles. When decorating, try a more natural palette. Linen, wood, glass, fresh or dry greenery. Stay away from plastic and polyester ribbons.  The result will feel grounded and relaxing.




Use washable napkins rather than disposable paper napkins for a soft luxury experience. Cloth napkins not only have a longer lifespan than paper, but they are more effective to use. The capacity of a cloth napkin is a least five paper napkins.



There’s nothing wrong with having a bit more than needed for the dinner party as long as everyone brings home the food to share so that food is not wasted. Ask your guests to bring their own reusable containers so that they can take home. As the host, decorate glass bottles for guests to reuse and bring home excess food. To tackle food waste in long term, if you are hosting for your community then you can consider talking to your friends about setting up compost pick up for your community or building.



When going to a luxury hotel or 5 star restaurant lighting is everything when creating the mood. Switch off your recessed down lights and illuminate with warm indirect lighting. If you don’t have the right dimmers then consider having a set of LED warm low wattage light bulbs to use when hosting your event. Or, bring in more table lamps from other rooms if needed. Once you have comfortable indirect lighting then make the room sparkle with natural beeswax candles. Beeswax candles give off negative ions which can purify the air. They burn cleaner, drip less, don’t release soot emit more ambient light and are environmentally friendly. When many people will be sharing a small space it may be more comfortable to turn on your air purifier as well.



With the increased focus on hand sanitation, make this task enjoyable. At your entrance great your guests with a beautiful bottle of natural hand sanitizer in a reusable bottle that matches the rest of your décor. In your bathrooms add a bit of love by using special scented hand soap and lotion in refillable bottles.  Decorate your bathroom with some fresh holiday greens a candle and mints.



Most of us have more than we need at home. Consider a white elephant give exchange. Kids can exchange books or toys and pass on their outgrown favorites to the next generation.  Parents can give experience gifts like restaurant voucher, cooking class or tickets to a show. These gifts will create new memories and help your community.



If there will be minimal amounts of waste, then plan to collect it and be creative with the recycling stations. Use decorative baskets for paper and dry recyclables and have a special area for collecting.




Be creative with glass labels in an eco-friendly way. Labeling your glasses is not only good for spreading germs it can also make a statement with your attention to detail. Try tying small leaves on your glasses as tags!


At Liquid Interiors we see interiors as living spaces that change with the seasons and occasions. It’s always possible to continue your healthy and sustainable home design through to your homeware and décor. Let your hosting create a positive example to others. Give them that gift that can inspire their choices all year round.


For a bespoke designer natural luxury holiday home styling experience for your home read about our styling service here and book an appointment.


Create your Sanctuary,

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“Quality is Always Sustainable”

For more information, feel free to contact Liquid Interiors, your healthy and eco conscious interior design consultants.

Rowena Gonzales

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10 Tips for Hosting a Luxury Eco-Friendly Christmas Party

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