Organic Minimalist

Sha Tin


This residential property is a genuine representation of organic minimalism, offering an abundance of natural light and a stunning outdoor area with breathtaking views of the surrounding hillsides. The design is modern, simple, and elegant, with clean curved shapes, earthy bright textures, and accents of stone and rattan. It was thoughtfully designed to cater to the needs of a family of four, consisting of a couple with diverse preferences - the husband enjoys hosting guests, while the wife cherishes her moments of solitude - and two children who are currently pursuing higher education in London. As they transitioned from a kid-friendly environment to an adult-friendly one, they spared no expense in creating a serene and comfortable sanctuary that fulfilled their aspirations.

Aesthetically, the organic minimalism theme boasts several quiet, homey, and cozy moments while also providing ample space for entertaining guests with several extendable tables, multiple lounge areas, and dining areas. The property even features a bar that transitions from a daytime juice bar to a cocktail bar at night.

Health & Sustainable Features

The implementation of a filtration system for bath and shower water has been shown to be highly beneficial in preserving natural oils, reducing respiratory irritation, and eliminating harmful chemicals, including chlorine and VOCs. Whole-home filtration systems offer an even greater improvement in shower water quality, effectively removing impurities such as sediment, rust, and bacteria, resulting in a superior bathing experience and improved taste for tap water.

In addition, air quality was a paramount concern for our clients. To ensure that only the most environmentally friendly materials were used, we opted for low VOC options, such as Marmorino plaster for the walls, E0 certified formaldehyde-free plywood for the floor, and emission-free palm eco-gypsum board alternatives for the ceilings. The clients opted for a simple yet effective control system for their home, which included automatic curtains that close the sheers automatically when the blackout curtains are drawn up, thus reducing heat during the day.

When it comes to engineered stone, sintered stone is an excellent eco-friendly alternative. This highly durable material is made from natural materials such as quartz, porcelain, and minerals, and has a long lifespan, making it an excellent long-term investment. Additionally, sintered stone is resistant to stains and bacteria, and its large 1 x 3m format allows for easy cleaning without the need for harsh chemicals.

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