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Eco Wellness Living In Hong Kong


Would you like to live in a home that completely supports your health and wellbeing?


Then this recently completed eco-wellness project by Liquid Interiors is definitely for you! This is Asia’s first private family residence that promotes wellbeing and sustainable lifestyles. It is designed to support the family who will live here in their aim to live in a healthy, eco and happy home.


Following Liquid Interiors’ core philosophy, this property demonstrates that homes can be designed to be beautiful, healthy, and sustainable.


Creation of Our Eco Wellness Home

Within a development in Hong Kong we were asked to design a home in a 1,730 sq ft apartment (2,225 sq ft including the garden).


This home is pioneering because it’s the first property where we’ve been able to implement so many of our healthy and sustainable living features. This means that in every design decision we have focused on creating a home that encourages lifestyle choices that improve health, wellbeing and the environment.



The residents are a typical busy Hong Kong family with two parents, one child and grandparents living in a home together with a helper. They’re a family that cares about their health and appreciates nature and their connection with their environment.


For the overall style we took inspiration from Africa with warm colors and textures that give the feeling of a natural retreat with a global flavor. We have created a real home that is a sanctuary and escape away from everyday busy life and also centers on love and connection for the family that live there.



10 Healthy & Sustainable Living Features


Central to the interior design we created for this home is encouraging a balanced lifestyle and most importantly, making health and wellbeing convenient though every design decision.


We did this by designing around the framework of 10 healthy and sustainable living features that impact and influence human behaviors.


In this home these are: Energy, Breathe, Zero Waste, Healthy Eating, Sleep & Circadian Lighting, Work, Water, Connect, Play, Relax and Recharge



These features originate from international building standards, LEED (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design) and the WELL Building Standard. LEED is a well-known green building standard used worldwide. The WELL Building Standard is a new standard created collaboratively by architects and doctors with the aim to improve health and wellbeing within buildings across the world.


Drawing on our knowledge of these standards we have taken the main features that apply to Hong Kong homes and have created our own system that cares about the health and wellness of people and the planet.


How Do These Features Translate Into A Home?


To illustrate how each of these elements feature throughout this flat we’d love to give you an exclusive tour around this truly unique and beautiful new family home!




Healthy Eating From The Juice Bar & Indoor Garden


To eat a really healthy, balanced diet it’s essential that we have we have fresh, wholesome foods available to encourage better eating habits and food culture. Attention to healthy nutrition can help prevent chronic diseases and juicing is an efficient approach to consuming raw vegetables for detoxification and nourishment.


So in this home we have introduced a juice bar with a cold pressed juicer for juicing micro-greens and alkaline vegetables.



In this area we also have our favorite feature, an indoor garden appliance called the Urban Cultivator, which provides a sustainable source of vegetables, herbs, and microgreens. Growing microgreens and herbs to use for salads and juicing is a wonderful way of bringing nature, a sustainable food growing system and healthy eating into the home.




Waste Food Decomposer


It may surprise you that 30% of the average household waste is food. To reduce waste this home has a rapid food decomposer that can turn food scraps into nutrient rich soil for plants in just three hours. So a mini food-to-waste eco-system is created because the fertilizer created by the kitchen food decomposer can be used to sustain the garden. This type of feature also really connects people with a more healthy and eco lifestyle.



The pantry is designed to accommodate reusable food storage containers to encourage purchasing food in bulk and/or packaging free. Decorative recycling bins are also provided to store co-mingled recyclables for sorting and recycling.



Sustainable Design & Renewable Materials


The pendant lights and ceiling feature in this study room were hand crafted using renewable materials.



They were created by a social design company that offer women farmers an alternative life while also preserving traditional weaving techniques.



 The flatwoven all-weather rug together with all other rugs in this show flat are certified as free of child labour by Goodweave and Care & Fair. They have been dyed with environmentally friendly dyes and methods as well and the outdoor rug was woven with recycled plastic bottle yarn.




Whole Home Water Filter


We have installed a whole home water filter, which is located in the ceiling of the kitchen. This water filter removes sediments and basic contaminants in the water used for bathing, washing hands, brushing teeth and washing clothes.


Vitamin C Showers


All the showers in the bathrooms are equipped with a Vitamin C shower filter, which neutralizes Chlorine and Chloramines in the water for overall better health, softer, silkier hair and younger looking skin.




Air Quality Monitors


To ensure that the residents understand and can monitor the status of their indoor air quality there are air quality monitors placed inside the home.



Low VOC Materials & Air Purification


Having clean air is essential to health because poor air quality can be severely detrimental, especially to those with weak immune systems; it’s also known to contribute to respiratory and cardiac issues.


The healthy air concept is in place to provide clean air and minimize indoor air pollution in the home.



No or low VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) materials such as paints, coatings, sealants, adhesives, flooring, insulation and furnishings are used in the living area, as they are throughout the entire home, to reduce indoor air pollution.


To further decrease VOC levels, professional grade air purification is used to bring in sanitized and conditioned fresh air from outdoors. The internal air purifier and fresh air purifier help control the air quality and maintain it at an ideal level.



The internal air purification filters can remove dust, pet hair, and germs from the air circulating inside the home. It is extremely beneficial for those who are sensitive to dust and have allergies and asthma. This feature is particulalry important in this room, which has been designed for the families grandparents, as the elderly may have respiratory problems or pre-existing heart conditions that require clean air.




Home Automation


Natural ventilation, by opening up the folding doors, is encouraged when outdoor air quality is safe; the movement of the air is helped with a ceiling fan.



During the day the sheer curtains can shield the sun while letting in the natural daylight.



To make energy saving easier, the home automation setting “All Off” turns off all lighting in once simple command. The Alexa home automation system also allows residents to stay connected with the features of their home through their smart phones, even while they’re away.




Transformable Space


Due to Hong Kong’s high pressure working environment, the home should provide a comfortable environment to minimize physiological strain. Mind and body are interconnected and our holistic approach to stress makes working and relaxing at home more accessible.



The study is a transformable space that can be used as either a workspace, an exercise room or meditation space. The large window provides natural views and natural sunlight indoors which helps stimulate the mind and body.


A sit and stand ergonomic workstation allows for alternating positions while working to improve posture and reduce the health risks of sitting. The workstation can be concealed to allow for a clutter free environment for exercise and relaxation.




Exercise & Meditation


Due to modern life in our cities, including transportation and sedentary jobs, the majority of people today lack exercise.


The recharge concept encourages the residents to offset negative influences by helping to integrate physical activity into everyday life. The rewards for this are considerable; getting enough exercise can prevent type 2 diabetes, metabolic syndrome, obesity, heart disease, and other chronic conditions.



Providing this space for fitness means regular exercise can become part of an overall wellness lifestyle. Also, simply by unraveling a yoga mat, lighting incense, and setting warm and dim lights, the atmosphere and feeling of this space is transformed for relaxation and meditation. Residents are able to relax and recharge in the comfort of their own home.





Bunk Bed Play Area


Space in Hong Kong can often be very limited, in this bedroom we have used a bunk bed with a play area underneath to maximise the use of the space for the benefit of the child.



The focus is to create a fun and comfortable environment that is able to grow and transform with the child.



Ergonomic considerations are also crucial for children going through physical development. By using an ergonomic adjustable standing desk, the desk is able to accommodate and grow with the child over time, establishing healthy working habits.





Smart Home Sleep Setting


Good wellness design is often about supporting the simple things in life – everybody needs good quality sleep and the smart home circadian lighting system in this room creates the perfect environment for a deep, restorative night of slumber.


Sleep quality is affected by our body’s Circadian rhythm, acoustics, temperature control, air quality and no disturbances.



Circadian Lighting


The smart home system settings in this bedroom mimic nature’s cycle of day to night time through the colour temperature of the sun, which helps the body to adjust naturally and regulate its circadian rhythm.


As the resident wakes up, dawn simulation gently increases the amount of light in the room as blackout blinds slowly retract and the sound of chirping birds plays in the background. The temperature in the room is slightly elevated to allow for the resident to wake in a pleasant setting.



As the resident goes to bed, the temperature is lowered, blackout shades are automatically closed and the lights are slowly turned off. A short ocean track helps to clear the mind and relax the body into sleep. It’s important to eliminate all bright light as it can affect the quality of sleep and the production of melatonin.



A night light setting gives off very dim amber light, which allows for night navigation without disrupting the sleep cycle. Utilizing automated systems to create these changing scenes allows our bodies to follow a comfortable and steady circadian rhythm.


A soft amber night light is placed hidden below this shelf  in the hallway to allow safe navigation at night from the bedroom to the bathroom without disrupting sleep.





Outdoor Garden


This stunning outdoor garden space allows for a connection with nature that can only have an extremely positive effect on the family. It’s also a wonderful environment to be used as a gathering space for socialization and interaction.



The fertilizer created from waste by the kitchen food decomposer can be used to sustain the garden. A further appreciation of nature can be nurtured through watching wildlife such as birds visit the birdfeeder.



Would You Like To Know More?


This new eco wellness home demonstrates how our design philosophy can help to support positive lifestyle changes. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is important but extremely difficult in our fast-paced society; however healthy and sustainable living can be accessible through design knowledge and planning. Without exception our clients say that they feel happier and healthier living in the homes we design and create for them.


Would you like to live in a home with these features? Which one would be most important to incorporate into your own home? Which one would change your life?! We’d love to hear which features you would like to learn about in more detail so please connect with us via facebook or Instagram to disucss!


For more information, feel free to contact Liquid Interiors, your healthy and eco conscious interior design consultants.





“Quality is Always Sustainable”

For more information, feel free to contact Liquid Interiors, your healthy and eco conscious interior design consultants.

Rowena Gonzales

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