WHATwe do

We are a healthy and eco conscious interior design studio based in Hong Kong. Our interiors are designed to inspire, to be eco friendly and improve health. Our team is equipped with LEED AP’s, designers and strategic partners who design and execute green residential and commercial spaces to certification level. We work with LEED® ID+C, BEAM Plus and WELL® Building standards and specialize in creative design for hospitality, show flats, residential development and innovative workplaces. We offer 360 degrees eco interior design service from concept to completion. A lush, beautiful and sustainable world for future generations is within reach. It all starts with a sustainable community of like-minded people. – inspired by the film Within Reach



“As a start-up I’ve used various co-working spaces around Hong Kong – but the only one that really stuck out was Cocoon, designed by Liquid Interiors. Being a Feng Shui Master, it is of great importance to me to work in a place where the natural energies are balanced and in harmony, that there is plenty of natural sunlight and that the Qi (energy) distribution is smooth and positive. All this has been achieved in Cocoon and it directly reflects on people’s ability to work and excel while using Cocoon as their office. The delicate balance between Yin and Yang – i.e. quiet space vs. activity areas – has been achieved effortlessly in Cocoon, contributing to a great work environment where people and their ideas flourish. It is definitely one of the best examples of how to do “office Feng Shui” in a modern, practical and subtle way.”

-Susanne Schutz ,Cocoon

“Rowena and the Liquid Interiors team were professional, highly creative, excellent project managers and delivered on time. As we were a new business, they guided our nascent ideas and concepts, and transformed them into a beautifully unique, yet functional reality that is our studio today. Their work ethic is second to none and they brought niche expertise in energy efficient and green methods that wholly tied into our fitness and wellness philosophy.  We would have no hesitation in recommending Liquid Interiors.”

-Vivienne Fitzpatrick, H-Kore Fitness Centre

  “From day one it was a pleasure to work with the liquid team. They were very adept at understanding what I wanted and communication throughout couldn’t have been better. Having bought a  very small apartment with a rooftop,  I had some very rough ideas of what I wanted. The team was fantastic into translating that into a very practical and space saving design. And in the end not just that, but it was transformed into a beautiful place I look forward coming home to.”

-Kyran Cessford, Private Residence

Rowena Gonzales
Principal, Founder, LEED AP ID+C,
“Leaving each space better than the way we found it”
Award winning creative, Rowena comes with over 12 years of international Interior Design experience working in commercial interiors, luxury hospitality, retail and F&B design. She started Liquid Interiors as an outlet to fulfill her passion for sustainability, health and wellness and to become a major contributor in the green interior design revolution.
Not only is she a LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) AP ID+C and also an active member of Platinum, Hong Kong’s association for LEED AP’s. Her style brings emotion and meaning to every space in a sophisticated and modern way balanced with nature.
Chris Perry
Non-Executive Director
“If you really think the economy is more important than the environment. try holding your breath whilst you count your money”
Chris is an experienced property professional with a strong commercial and technical background. He comes with over 25 years of experience in delivering complex technical construction solutions and he has been giving hands on advice to clients on potential real estate and asset investments for 15 years in Asia.
His experience as a director includes companies such as Mace Group, EC Harris and Gleeds. He is recognized as a trusted advisor to clients and has a record of creating growth, driving change and performance improvement. His ranges of successfully delivered projects across the region vary in sector, to name a few: industrial, Retail, Commercial, Telecoms, Residential and Hospitality.
Andre Lui
Senior Interior Designer
“All that is transitory is but a metaphor”
Andre Lui is a Senior Interior Designer, has 7 years experience in interior design and his main focus has been institutional and hospitality projects in Asia.


He continuously keeps his eyes open on environmental issues & sustainable design.  He also studied  Permaculture Design at the Permaculture Institute of Hong Kong where he obtained a deeper understanding of green issues & space design. Now we are volunteers at an organic farming  public garden. He is pleased to be a part of a company which pays attention to sustainable issues like Liquid Interiors.


Victoria Potter
FF&E Designer & Business Development
“What you do today can improve all your tomorrows”
Victoria Potter originally from the UK, has over 7 years of interior design and FF&E experience for international multi-award winning luxury hospitality, commercial and residential projects throughout Europe, the Russian Federation and Hong Kong.
Victoria brings vision, enjoys and thrives on creating spaces with atmosphere and personality.  “It’s up to me to make the next project I undertake the best yet”.  Victoria believes in the importance of attention to detail and maintains high standards from initial client brief through to completion.
Isabel Caruncho
Interior Designer, LEED GA
“You don’t need superpowers to be a hero to the environment!”
Isabel has a passion for storytelling and is interested in exploring how spaces communicate identities and ideas. She believes sustainability is a key component in successful design and hopes to use her time at Liquid to gain more experience in creating richer and healthier environments for people. She holds a degree in Visual Communication from the University of the Philippines Diliman and is currently a candidate for B.F.A. Interior Design at the Savannah College of Art and Design, Hong Kong.
Dominic Cheung
Assistant Interior Designer
“My hand is the extension of the thinking process – the creative process.” – Tadao Ando

Dominic is a local environment and interior design graduate from the Hong Kong Polytechnic University. He joined Liquid Interiors to explore the possibility to implement green and sustainable design into commercial and residential spaces.
He believes quality space offers an experience that triggers our sensory realm. It ignites the imagination and articulates our sensory thoughts and is delivered through architectural expressions by using the right material, lighting, and spatial division. Poetic design is the key to attain such quality of work. Being awarded the APIDA (Asia Pacific Interior Design Award) and A&DTA (A&D Trophy Award) for his student works, Dominic shows his sensibility and capability to develop innovative concepts that fit in reality and practical solutions that meet needs of the society. Introducing harmony is always the ultimate goal in his design.
Zupi Yu
Office Manager
“Start Early to Build a Healthy Future”
Zupi leads all the support functions including documentation, accounting and finance, human resources, IT and marketing issues. She has qualifications of LCCI and Pitman.   She believes that prevention is always better than a cure. As well, health and wellness and a balanced lifestyle can be achieved through responsible long-term management of the body and environment.
Vivid Living
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Vivid Living is an interior design / real estate consultancy and a property developer focusing on creating healthy living spaces. Vivid believes that personal well-being and sustainability should be integral components of every living space. With its ‘Healthy Home & Healthy Office Blueprint’ Vivid brings a focus on health to every aspect of your apartment, house or workplace, creating spaces that optimize well-being and facilitate the healthiest lifestyle possible.
Vivid Living’s medical evidence based concept combines professional air and water purification technologies, sustainable and green building materials, mood lighting and home automation systems, choice architecture, ergonomic and biophilic design as well as tools for optimized nutrition and physical fitness.
Vivid Living – Creating Health at Home and Work

BEE Inc.
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BEE – Bisagni Environmental Enterprise is a company that focuses on sustainable engineering consulting and trading of green construction materials. The company specializes in building simulations (primarily energy, lighting, thermodynamics, and acoustical models), commissioning, and LEED / HK BEAM / China 3-Star Green Building Certifications. They have worked on over 30 million square feet of Certified space across 15 countries and are currently the only Asia-based LEED Proven Provider nominated by the Green Building Certification Institute. BEE is also a Living Building Challenge (LBC) Auditor focusing on LBC projects in Greater China.

Airtek Limited
IQ Air Cleaning Perfection
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AF-T Group has been specializing in air purification, drinking water purification and relevant products, aiming at promoting our living environment and enhancing personal health. We have always emphasized on offering not only high quality products but also premium after-sales services. Since 1973, Fabri-Technic Engineering & Trading Co. Ltd. – Our Water Purification sector is endeavouring to protect our planet, secure our water quality and increase drinking water accessibility. We have provided water purification and drinking water facilities in various institutes, public establishments, work places and private premises across Mainland, Hong Kong and Macau. With the birth of AirTek Limited – Our Air Purification sector is set out to provide professional consultancy, sales and installation services of premium air handling products. Specifically we provide leading edge air purification products and perform indoor air quality enhancement study. Over the years, we have built up a reputation for being an excellent service provider in Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) across Mainland, Hong Kong and Macau. We are thrilled to help many of our customers who are allergy sufferers or having respiratory disorders, our services have successfully provided means to relieve their discomforts. We also provide excellent maintenance services to our esteemed clients, in order to fulfill the motto “Save our planet, use less PET bottles” and “Good Health Start with Clean Air”.

Johnson Group
Home + Green Cleaning & Solution for Allergy™
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Founded in 1947, Johnson Group has built upon its vision to bring premium services and products to clients coming from residential, commercial and government sectors for 70 years. The company specializes in deep cleaning and sanitizing, environmental controls for allergens, all-natural products supply and pest management solutions without the unnecessary use of toxic chemicals. We are dedicated to reduce human impact on the environment and achieve sustainability for the future generations while bringing the top quality of service experience to our clients.

Eco Concepts Asia Ltd
Green Cleaning Products
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Eco Concepts Asia Limited was established in Hong Kong in 2010, it has become the leading supplier of cleaning products that have obtained a range of international green label certifications including Green Seal , EcoLogo, USEPA, and GEC Australia Certification. It  delivers a wide range of environmentally preferable, safer and superior cleaning products to its clients for commercial  use. It also offers homecare cleaning products for the domestic user and also works with notable clients from various industries, i.e. shopping malls, hotels, food and beverage outlets, schools, offices, fitness facilities and more.

Suzhong Consulting
Feng Shui Consultant
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Suzhong Consulting was founded in 2014 by Susanne Schutz. The company was born out of Susanne’s awareness of the need for a more professionally based Feng Shui consulting service. Suzhong Consulting bridges the gap between local Chinese speaking Feng Shui masters who rarely explain their practices and procedures, and non Chinese speaking, cosmopolitan clients who are require a deeper understanding and rationale for the remedies presented.

Our Services

Liquid is a full service interior design agency where we work with projects from conception to completion. Starting with analyzing the scope of work, developing a concept, tender drawings and analysis to project management, procurement and site supervision right thought to completion.

Residential Interior Design

Providing an eco innovative and human-centered service, putting the clients wellness first. We provide the level of service the clients needs , from a base shell to an interior with all the details in place such as art styling and staging.

Hospitality Interior Design

Providing an all around service we work with hotel and residence facility owners starting with concept creation. We work with hotel and residence facility owners providing an all around service. Starting with concept design, eco consulting, 3D rendering, construction drawings and procurement, art styling and staging to final of implementing.

Co-Working Space Design

Providing an innovative fresh perspective to the workplace, we believe wellness in the work place is of key importance to the effect of the productivity. We work with spaces starting at branding concept design, eco consulting, 3D rendering, construction drawings and procurement, art styling and staging to final of implementing.

LEED ID+C, BEAM Plus, WELL Building Standard Certification Design Projects

Our team of LEED AP ’s, designers and strategic partners in green building consultation and green contracting are equipped to design and execute commercial spaces to certification level. We work with companies as consultants on LEED Projects.