WHATwe do

Liquid Interiors is an eco-conscious interior design firm located in the bustling city of Hong Kong. Healthy and sustainable living is lost amidst our fast pace and convenience-centralized lifestyle. Our initiative is to alter this mindset and reinstitute the benefits of nature into city living. Liquid Interiors reestablish the basics of nature of clean air, water, fresh food, and circadian rhythm regulation into interior spaces through innovative design. Our team is equipped with professional designers and strategic partners who design and execute green interiors to certification level. We work with international environmental standards and specialize in bespoke design for show flats, residential development, hospitality, and workplaces. Liquid Interiors is successful in integrating their philosophy into beautiful, sustainable, and healthy spaces.



“As a start-up I’ve used various co-working spaces around Hong Kong – but the only one that really stuck out was Cocoon, designed by Liquid Interiors. Being a Feng Shui Master, it is of great importance to me to work in a place where the natural energies are balanced and in harmony, that there is plenty of natural sunlight and that the Qi (energy) distribution is smooth and positive. All this has been achieved in Cocoon and it directly reflects on people’s ability to work and excel while using Cocoon as their office. The delicate balance between Yin and Yang – i.e. quiet space vs. activity areas – has been achieved effortlessly in Cocoon, contributing to a great work environment where people and their ideas flourish. It is definitely one of the best examples of how to do “office Feng Shui” in a modern, practical and subtle way.”

-Susanne Schutz ,Cocoon

“Rowena and the Liquid Interiors team were professional, highly creative, excellent project managers and delivered on time. As we were a new business, they guided our nascent ideas and concepts, and transformed them into a beautifully unique, yet functional reality that is our studio today. Their work ethic is second to none and they brought niche expertise in energy efficient and green methods that wholly tied into our fitness and wellness philosophy.  We would have no hesitation in recommending Liquid Interiors.”

-Vivienne Fitzpatrick, H-Kore Fitness Centre

  “From day one it was a pleasure to work with the liquid team. They were very adept at understanding what I wanted and communication throughout couldn’t have been better. Having bought a  very small apartment with a rooftop,  I had some very rough ideas of what I wanted. The team was fantastic into translating that into a very practical and space saving design. And in the end not just that, but it was transformed into a beautiful place I look forward coming home to.”

-Kyran Cessford, Private Residence

Rowena Gonzales
Principal, WELL AP, LEED AP ID+C, BEAM Pro
“Leaving each space better than the way we found it”
Rowena Gonzales is a creative with purpose. Based in Hong Kong, her firm Liquid Interiors has earned award-winning international acclaim with their unique portfolio that brings wellness and sustainability to city living.
Specializing in luxury living spaces, Gonzales’ approach aims to bring happiness to people by making each space tell a unique story about the client in a way that enhances a healthy and sustainable lifestyle.  Her aim is to make a positive impact by improving spaces where people spend most of their time. Gonzales’ portfolio ranges from bespoke residential, residential development, workplaces, education, community and wellness spaces.
Her practice is guided by the highest standards of sustainability and wellness in the built environment, LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) and the WELL Building Standard. Liquid Interiors has an impressive portfolio with works located in Hong Kong, China and Europe. Her style brings emotion and meaning to every space in a sophisticated and modern way balanced with nature.
After completing a Zero Waste challenge in her family home she feels it a calling to share her experience others and inspire change one step at a time.
Ken Lau
Interior Designer
“Physical and tactile engagement with materials and the world acts as a catalyst for intuitive and consequently innovative, conceptual manipulation of perceptions of the world and the nature of reality.” – M. Stackhouse, 2010
Ken has worked as an interior designer for 12 years having experience with residential, commercial, and institutional design projects. His ideology is to balance the client’s expectations while maintaining a strong and clear design intention. Ken believes design is multifaceted and is not only limited to favoring aesthetic; making it important to achieve harmony between all aspects. He takes pleasure in creating residences with sustainable materials and resources, to provide an ideal home for new families. By instilling a healthy standard of living in the younger generation he hopes to impart better understanding and awareness of eco-living.
Angel Wu
Interior Designer
“Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.” – Steve Jobs
Angel has over five years of experience in interior design having worked on various residential and development projects. Her passion for design developed at a young age as it was an outlet for creativity and self expression. The passion continues to grow as she shares it with her clients and colleagues through her work and design. Liquid Interiors’ philosophy and eco-conscious design approach deeply resonates with Angel, as she has witnessed the health risks of using high volatile organic compounds (VOCs) materials in interior spaces. She is successful in seamlessly implementing healthy living practices and alternatives into the design without compromising aesthetic or creativity. Angel believes maintaining a healthy and balanced lifestyle is the key to happiness.
Derek Wong
Interior Designer
“Simplicity is the best for everything.”
With six years of interior design and extensive drafting experience, Derek has worked on show flats, hotels, and F&Bs. He has a passion for residential and office projects and enjoys minimal yet sophisticated design. Liquid Interiors’ eco-conscious focused design has allowed him to take on a new perspective and initiative. Successful sustainable design can help improve the users’ lifestyle and habits as well as inspire others. He believes that if each person makes a small effort or change, then collectively we can make a difference.
Matthew Ng
Interior Designer
“The details are not the details. They make the design.” – Charles Eames (1907-1978), American architect, graphic and industrial designer
Matthew has joined Liquid Interiors as an Interior Designer with a wealth of experience and qualifications. He graduated from the Hong Kong Design Institute with a Higher Diploma in Retail & Exhibition Design in 2011 and has since worked with several prestigious Interior Design companies. Matthews’ extensive technical skills along with his innate creative flair ensure he is perfectly placed to design and manage Liquid Interiors projects to the highest standards. Matthew is passionate about sustainability and wellbeing and believes that the height of luxury is a healthy home.
Oliver Cruz
CAD Draftsman
Oliver has extensive international experience as an architectural draftsman creating technical design drawings for large interiors and structural projects. The projects he has worked on range from towers of luxury serviced and residential apartments to resorts, hotels and even tunnels. He is extremely focused on attention to detail and to perfecting his technical drawings first time. Oliver works remotely for Liquid Interiors in the Philippines but is always on hand to support team members, ensuring design schedules are met.
Santos Manzanillo
CAD Draftsman
Santos is a qualified architect with specialism in preparing detailed CAD drawings; he has worked internationally on prestigious projects and now joins our team remotely from the Philippines. Santos is a leader in his field who, through his attention to detail and coordination skills, strives to ensure design concepts are implemented and executed while maintaining the fluidity of the initial design intent. He has a degree in Architecture from Bicol University and is enthused about combining his skills with the Liquid ethos of healthy and sustainable living.
Zupi Yu
Office Manager
“Start Early to Build a Healthy Future”
Zupi leads all the support functions including documentation, accounting and finance, human resources, IT and marketing issues. She has qualifications of LCCI and Pitman.   She believes that prevention is always better than a cure. As well, health and wellness and a balanced lifestyle can be achieved through responsible long-term management of the body and environment.
Catherine Borse
Social Media Marketing
“Great design is a multilayered relationship between human life and its environment’ Naoto Fukasawa
Belief in a holistic approach to design, placing human experience at the very centre of every decision and a deep concern for the environment have led Catherine to Liquid Interiors. Catherine trained at the prestigious KLC School of Design in Chelsea, London gaining a Professional Diploma in Interior Design with Honours and also has a varied background in Arts Business Management and Advertising. Catherine also has a BSc in Anthropology and it is her innate interest in human behaviour that brings passion to her work with social media, she loves how technology can create communities and transmit ideas. She now draws on her design background and more recent social media training to provide online marketing to Liquid Interiors alongside running her own Interior Design studio in the UK.
Alessandro Bisagni
Alessandro Bisagni is the Founder and Managing Director of BEE – a sustainability engineering consulting and technology company specializing in the creation of green and healthy buildings. BEE is a GBCI recognized LEED Proven provider and part of USGBC’s LEED User Group for Retail. The company specializes in building simulations, commissioning, green building certification, and cloud-based building data management for ensuring ongoing performance. Alessandro has managed over 150 LEED projects across 25 countries with a combined GFA of over 30 million square feet.
David Ng
David Ng is the Executive Director at Interactive Smart Solution Limited. He is a successful green energy and sustainability building systems entrepreneur with more than 11 years of experience in developing innovative green and energy efficiency solutions for the shopping mall, office, and hotel market in Asia. David’s eye for innovation and anticipation of market trends has turned his company, ISSL, into one of the leading providers of intelligent building solutions in the Asia Pacific region.
Susanne Schutz
Susanne Schutz is the Founder and Managing Director of Suzhong Consulting Limited, a Classical Feng Shui consulting firm. She is currently the only Hong Kong based foreign Feng Shui consultant. Susanne is passionate about bringing the true spirit of Feng Shui into a modern context, while also educating the expat communities in Hong Kong and other Southeast Asian countries about the background, history and core principles of Classical Feng Shui. Suzanne operates in Hong Kong, Mainland China, South East Asia and UAE.
William Hung
The introduction of Home + Green Pest Management™ & Green Cleaning™ is part of the Johnson Group’s efforts to educate public especially kids about the benefits of non-toxic approach to manage pest problems and daily cleaning. We believe a balanced ecosystem will benefit all living organisms, in particular, the human.
Airtek Limited

AF-T Group, a company established since 1973, specializes in indoor air purification solutions, drinking water treatment and environmental control. The company offers testing, consultation, design, installation of air purifying systems and drinking water purifying systems and sales of relevant products. Its strong client base includes hospitals, property developers, banks, schools, clinics, laboratories, restaurants. NGOs, Government departments, museums, consulates, hotels and residence.

Air Purification – The air cleaners distributed by the company are Swiss made of the brand IQAir® , which are amongst the world’s top in this line of products and are currently being used by most of the public and private hospitals in Hong Kong. The company is reputed for being an excellent service provider in indoor air quality control in both Hong Kong and Macau. In 2008, it served Bank of China (Hong Kong) Ltd. by designing and installing IQAir® air cleaning systems in the whole block of the Bank’s Credit Card Centre. In 2009, it cooperated with a prestige property developer in Hong Kong and installed IQAir® HealthPro 250 air cleaners in every apartment of the luxury residential projects in Mid-Levels and South Bay.
The innovative idea of infiltrating air purifying concept into modern building technology is a milestone in Hong Kong’s architecture and design. Since then, the company has been working with major property developers in Hong Kong and is the leading supplier of indoor air purifying systems in Hong Kong’s major luxury residential projects.

The company is renowned for its excellent after sale services.

Our Services

Liquid Interiors is a full service interior design firm which assists in developing projects from conception to completion. Our goal is to improve users’ health, well-being, and promote environmental sustainability. To implement the benefits of nature into city living, we design with the intention to provide accessibility to clean water, clean air, fresh food, and circadian rhythm regulation. Liquid Interiors aspires to transform not only interior spaces but also the users’ lifestyle and mindset.

Living Spaces

Liquid Interiors create beautiful and healthy residential and living spaces with eco-conscious initiative. Working with the client’s requirements and needs, we will propose suitable healthy living equipment and design. We provide the requested level of service, which can range from a base shell to a fully furnished interior with art styling and staging.

Commercial Spaces

Liquid Interiors provides innovative and sustainable design for commercial spaces and businesses suitable to the clients’ needs. By understanding the branding and the clientele, we are able to develop a design unique to the company. We start with the initial concept design, then provide eco-consulting, 3D rendering, construction drawings and procurement, art styling and staging to final implementation.

Healthy Living

Liquid Interiors’ eco-conscious practices is inspired by the internationally recognized LEED® ID+C, BEAM Plus and WELL® Building Standard. Our design philosophy, “Evolving human space to meet the needs of urban living today and tomorrow,” is based on three fundamental practices: to encourage health and wellness, to be environmentally positive, and to inspire ourselves and others. The three practices are influenced by the WELL® Building Standard which covers seven concepts of air, water, nourishment, light, fitness, comfort, and mind. These seven concepts address the design and how they impact and influence human behaviors related to health and well being. Liquid Interiors adapts the concepts of the building standard to accommodate Hong Kong’s environment and culture and to create interior spaces with considerations for a healthy mind, body, spirit and environment.