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May 17th, 2016

Why Source Locally?

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Guest Blogger: Victoria Potter, Interior Designer
Nowadays there is a lot of talk about a ‘0 KM’ lifestyle, whether it be in food or buying a car or furniture within our homes.
Well what exactly is it? It’s a movement where people source closer to their homes in order to reduce carbon footprint and a whole lot more. Excited about this concept we asked our in house designer Victoria to tell us her thoughts of sourcing locally.
Liquid Interiors: Why is sourcing locally important to you?
Victoria: I believe in the importance of local sourcing for many reasons starting with its just much easier! You actually get to interact with people in the shops, connect with your suppliers and build a close relationship with people you work with. Being a designer it is extremely important to me that my suppliers get to understand the way I work and what my clients likes and dislikes are thus they can recommend materials and furniture specific to projects.
Liquid Interiors: What about on LEED Projects?
Victoria: I often work with LEED standards and if the project is looking to get accreditation sourcing locally can help. The definition of local as far as LEED is concerned is 500 miles, or just over 800 kilometers. In order to gain the various points available the material or product must be extracted, processed and manufactured within this radius. In Hong Kong the majority of our custom made furniture is manufactured in Guangdong province, which is within the 800km. Some of the other countries like the Philippines and Vietnam are also considered preferable to source before looking further away to places like North American or Europe.
Liquid Interiors: How can we source locally in terms of interiors?
Victoria: A few tips on how to source locally
     1. Word of Mouth – talk to people get to know suppliers who are doing what you love and seek them out
     2. Look to the past – as they say in the olden days they did it better, see what kind of materials people used back then and find their supplier
     3. Check out your local director
     4. Talk to people in the communit
     5. Go to local networking events this helps to meet people from the community
Liquid Interiors: Can you share some of your favorite local sourcing spots?
Victoria: Sure take a look below


Vintage and Antique stores 
Why Source Locally? - Liquid Interiors


  chair and suitcase -Why Source Locally? - Liquid Interiorswww.chenmiji.com


Manks - Art Deco dish -Why Source Locally? - Liquid Interiors
 http://www.manks.com/main/collection.asp (stocked Antique selection in Hong Kong)
Mank’s:  ‘philosophy that looking good is just not good enough’…..


Why Source Locally? - Liquid Interiors
Custom wood furniture


Why Source Locally? - Liquid Interiors


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