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April 26th, 2016


Healthy & Sustainable
Vitamin C Shower Filter - Liquid Interiors


One of my favorite healthy home products has to be the Vitamin C shower filter, if you’re like me then I’m sure your reading this and are quite skeptical about how pouring Vitamin C on your body is going to help make you feel better. The first time I came across this was reading about how Leonardo DiCapro loves his and has one installed in his ‘Wellness’ flat in NYC.


After finding mixed reviews I decided to give it a try myself. Before recommending products to clients for their homes I like to make sure that I’ve tried and tested it and believe in it myself. Vitamin C shower filters are known to dechlorinate water, boost the immune system and improve hair and skin. In my case I have eczema and my skin often feels itchy and irritated after taking a shower.  Within a week of installing the shower I noticed significant changes, my skin felt less irritated, softer and more absorbent to my lotion.  My face and hair were also effect; they felt more hydrated, smoother, more manageable and soft.  The vitamin C leaves the water feeling fresh and softer on the skin while going back to Hong Kong’s Chlorinated water is definitely not as option for me.
Unfortunately, the filters can only be used for one source at a time. If you have a rain shower and a handheld shower then you will need two separate filters at each at each water source. There are exposed and built in shower head options available.


My recommendations are:
Vitamin C Shower Filter - Liquid Interiors
Vitamax Universal Shower Filter
GOOD FOR: Those who would like to use your own showerhead and have an exposed filter.
Vitamin C Shower Filter - Liquid Interiors
Heaven Fresh Aroma Luxury Fixed Showerhead HF 501 with Vitamic C and Negative Ions
GOOD FOR: Those who want a concealed filter built in with a showerhead


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Rowena Gonzales
Principal & Founder of Liquid Interiors Ltd.