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12 Modern Ceiling Fans - Liquid Interiors
June 13th, 2018

Top 12 Ceiling Fan Ideas To Keep You Cool

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In our last blog we covered ideas on how to keep your home cool while saving energy and ceiling fans proved to be a really efficient way of reducing your energy costs during the summer months when it’s tempting to use more air conditioning. It’s best to set your fan to counter-clockwise, so that the blades force cooler air downwards and pull the heat up, they can also be used to create a cross breeze with open windows.
Whilst we all need ceiling fans to keep us cool in hot countries we do not need unattractive ones! They can really effect the look of an interior and if the wrong style is chosen, can be an eyesore right in the centre of an otherwise beautiful room. To help you out we have found some inspiring design recommendations for cool and modern ceiling fans that won’t ruin your decor, in fact some of them could be just the centrepiece you’ve been looking for!
12 Modern Ceiling Fans To Keep You Cool - Liquid Interiors
To find out more about each of these fabulous cool fans follow the links below…


Artemis – This modern & cool fan comes in 6 different colours, has aerodynamic blades & central light.
Ball – A simple but highly effective design with plywood blades in 3 finishes & a built in light.
Stella – Comes in 4 different plywood finishes with LED lamp & a distinctive natural design.
Discus II – Minimalist & contemporary design that will suit many different room styles.
Torto – Brings a unique twist to your interior & is a distinctive centrepiece.
Kewl – Modern & sleek this fan is an affordable piece with a great design look.
Blow – Distinctive, with a strong design look the Blow is lightweight, very quiet & beautiful to look at.
Altus – With a mount that hugs the ceiling it’s great for spaces lacking height. Sleek design in white or aluminium.
Marea – This 3 speed fan is great for small spaces & combines a classic look with a modern twist.
Strata – This outdoor fan looks great in a space that needs a galvanized industrial look.
Terna – This modernist ceiling fan makes a statement & is perfect for small, compact spaces.
Maverick – An enormous statement in any indoor or outdoor space. Featuring hand-carved balsa wood blades & energy efficient motor.


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