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Top 10 Healthy & Sustainable Home Equipment - Liquid Interiors
May 17th, 2018

Top 10 Healthy & Sustainable Home Equipment

Healthy & Sustainable
Are you looking to create a healthier and more sustainable environment in your home? We’re here to help with our Top 10 items of healthy and eco home equipment that can all improve different aspects of the quality of life in your home; from air, to water to food and light all the essential elements for a natural and healthy lifestyle can be optimised by using some of these home gadgets.
Are you using any of these already? Which ones would you most like to have for your own home?
Top 10 Healthy & Sustainable Home Equipment by Liquid Interiors
Below are links to the relevant websites for each of the different items so you can find out more about their amazing features:
1. Awair Air Quality Monitor
2. Efergy Online Energy Monitor
3. Roca W+W Wall-hung vitreous china WC and basin
4. Ambiclimate
5. IQAir Air Purification 
6. Urban Cultivator
7. Philips Wake Up Light
8. Fan-Tone Ceiling Fan   (This fan is still at the concept stage but we hope to be able to see it on the market soon!)
9. MAXX Alkaline Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration
10. Smart Cara CS10
For more information, feel free to contact Liquid Interiors, your healthy and eco consious interior design consultants.
“Quality is Always Sustainable”
Rowena Gonzales