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December 10th, 2015

Recycling flooring in our projects


Recycling flooring in our projects, and diverting beautiful wood flooring from filling up landfills to be repurposed into new projects is something we love to do. Whenever Liquid Interiors starts work on a new space, one of the first tasks is removing whatever features we will not be using in the new design.   Removed materials are considered to be construction waste by the Hong Kong government.   Asphalt and concrete are considered “inert” and are used by the government for reclamation sites to create more land (a whole other environmental issue).  However, wood is considered part of the “non-inert” construction waste category which accounts for a huge 25% of all waste entering landfills today.   If we are removing wood floors in a project we do not want that wood to end up in landfill.

Recycling Wooden Flooring - Liquid Interiors

Our space before

Recycling Wooden Flooring - Liquid Interiors

Flooring on the way out

Liquid Interiors requires all our contractors to track demolition waste monthly and divert 50% of all waste from the landfill.  Separating and sorting demolition waste is something even the biggest projects here have trouble with.  Local metal recyclers pay for metal waste.  Contractors, who are otherwise very short on  space, have little motivation to sort waste and rarely take the initiative to find ways to recycle items such as wood flooring.    Recycling of wood in Hong Kong or surrounds is rare.  The few recyclers that do often reject flooring with too shiny varnishes, which require the extra step of stripping down before reuse.

Recycling Wooden Flooring - Liquid Interiors

The removed flooring is on it’s way to reuse.

Recycling Wooden Flooring - Liquid Interiors

In one of our latest projects there was a large amount of teak flooring to be removed.   Our awesome main contractor has acted above and beyond our waste reduction hopes.   They have found a person who does take the teak wood parquet  flooring, refinish it and reuse it for flooring in other projects in China.

Recycling Wooden Flooring - Liquid Interiors

Before Liquid Interiors reinvented this flat.

Recycling Flooring - Liquid Interiors

After the flooring reused on the ceiling.

We love this innovation in recycling and reuse.   In one of past projects we ourselves reused the flooring by flipping it – literally.  Liquid Interiors incorporated the old wood flooring as a feature on the ceiling of an eco-flat!   If your space has solid teak flooring which you are removing, why not recycle it?   Contact us at Liquid Interiors and we can help you recycle it.   Let’s work together to preserve our environment.