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April 14th, 2015

La Dolce Vita TV – Vivid Eco/Health Show Flat


Liquid Interiors on TVB’s La Dolce Vita Take a tour of the Vivid Eco/Health Show Flat and discover healthy city living in Hong Kong With all the hustle and stress of life in the city, it’s become ever more important to focus on lifestyles that improve health and help the environment — but just how do we do that? Join the crew of TVB’s La Dolce Vita as they take a tour through the Vivid Eco/Health Show Flat and demonstrate how thoughtful design and simple changes can create a healthier, more eco-friendly lifestyle. Let Liquid Interiors CEO Rowena Gonzales guide you through design features that enhance well-being, while Vivid Living founder Henning Voss offers tips on creating a living space that is just as much a haven as it is a home.