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May 27th, 2016

Home recycling: Important or Not?

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At Liquid Interiors we know that one of the first steps for a greener living is to RECYCLE! Today we talk to Dominic Cheung, Interior Designer.
Liquid Interiors: Do you believe recycling is important in today’s world?
Dominic: Yes I do, its important for us as a species and the environment we live in. Recycling helps:
*to reduce the pollution caused by waste
*reduce the need for raw materials so that the rainforests can be preserved
*requires much less energy and therefore helps to preserve natural resources


Liquid Interiors: What are your thoughts on Hong Kong’s recycling scene?
Dominic: In Hong Kong people are very passive towards the concept of recycling despite the government’s recent promotion of home recycling, the feedback does not seem too positive. Time cost is high in Hong Kong. Recycling stations are found around the corner on the street, but people just do not have the initiative to do the work – they just don’t have the time. It is time consuming to divide waste into different categories and people just do not want to be bothered to do this.

Home Recycling Ideas - Liquid Interiors           Home Recycling Ideas - Liquid Interiors

Liquid Interiors: What would your idea be to make it nicer to recycle in your own home?
Dominic: So my idea would be to beautify your home recycling station, which not only looks pleasant but also adds glamour to your home interior.  You can always buy beautiful objects to decorate your home in style, even for the recycling station. Covered baskets, buckets, or even planters are suitable for the job. They will give a twist to the recycling area with chic and style. Build DIY containers that are hidden inside the cabinets. They are fun and low cost to work on! Let’s not forget to label our containers! You can always do it in a creative way rather than writing words to label them. Try using icons to represent stuff, it is even easier to remember which is which. If your recycling area is in the kitchen or pantry area, magnet is a good choice for labels as you can stick it on the containers or desired area, which is more sustainable as well!
 One of my favorite quotes “Recycling turns things into other things which is like magic” .


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