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January 23rd, 2015

HK’s First Show Flat Designed to Make You Healthier

Healthy & Sustainable
Liquid Interiors launches the Vivid Eco Health Show Flat , which is the first of its kind in Sheung Wan, HK. Winning the Best of Category Award for Best Green/Sustainable design from the A&D Awards presented by Perspective magazine we are delighted that Health and Eco design is growing in one of the most dense cities in the world, Hong Kong. The Vivid Eco Health Show Flat is a 1,200 sq ft apartment designed to improve the health of anyone that lives there.  It was designed in collaboration with Liquid Interiors and Vivid Living, a boutique property developer. Liquid Interiors married their eco interior design expertise with Vivid Living’s health and wellness philosophy. Vivid Living is using this Show Flat as a pilot to their future developments where this methodology will soon become their standard to Eco/Health Living. Liquid Interiors has been working with Eco-interiors for over 6 years. It has been very fulfilling working with green building guidelines such as LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design). LEED is great when considering lowering your impact on the environment regarding saving energy, water reducing waste and using responsible materials.  However Liquid was interested in taking design a step further on a more humanistic level and wanted to design in a way that gave immediate benefits to human health and solving everyday problems faced when living in cities. When Liquid Interiors was introduced to the Vivid Living’s Health and Wellness philosophy they found the perfect project to help improve the environment and health. Liquid saw this as their opportunity to merge two of the largest growing industries sustainability with health & wellness. We all know that living in cities is more environmentally friendly; however with the pollution nightmares of China so close by, Hong Kong is waking up and starting to think about how to deal with poor quality air, water, food, light, less space for exercise, comfort and less peace of mind. The Vivid Eco Health Show Flat aims to improve these problems with these 6 design strategies. Peace of Mind/ Mental Health
  • Acoustics control from the busy city streets makes the space peaceful and encourages more restful sleep
  • Design for spiritual well-being by integration of client’s Buddha statue
  • Enhanced storage design makes use of walls, floors and mechanical systems to hide the TV when not in use and allow for a clutter free environment