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January 16th, 2020

8 Lucky Plants for Well-Being In Your Home This Chinese New Year

We love Chinese New Year for many reasons but especially because it’s a wonderful opportunity to celebrate by filling our homes with plants that symbolise positivity for the year ahead.
What could be better for our well-being than being connected with nature by having plants in our homes to clean the air we breathe and bring us good luck?
Here is some inspiration for lucky plants for this Chinese New Year and the year to come!Lucky Plants for Chinese New Year - Liquid Interiors
Which of these plants resonates with your hopes for The Year of The Rat?
If you’re looking for somewhere to purchase beautiful plant and flower decorations we can recommend our plant styling partners Fleurs.
Lucky Plants for Chinese New Year - Liquid Interiors
We hope you find the right plants for you home and send all our best wishes for a healthy and abundant year ahead!
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