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April 16th, 2014

10 Stylish ways to save $ and energy indoors

Healthy & Sustainable

10 Fashionable ways to save money and energy inside. Liquid Interiors expert gives tips on designing your space in a eco friendly way. Environmentally friendly and stylish quality design in Hong Kong. More CASH, less electricity: 1- Reuse old furniture: Old is not out of style. Think vintage & re-imagined not out of fashion! Stick to design classics or reupholster, repaint or re-accessorize old furniture 2- Be a fan of fans: Install a ceiling fan. Cooling down with a nice breeze is a fraction of the energy use of air conditioners. 3- Take a look at, not out your windows: Upgrade old windows to sleekly designed, double-glazed, low-e coated windows. Low-e stands for low emissivity. This means a reduction of heat radiated through the windows, UV light & infrared light. These windows are filled with argon gas for better temperature insulation & bonus sound insulation! 4- Check those window treatments: Use aluminum-lined heat reflective window blinds or curtains. These window coverings are available in stylish range that will keep the heat out during summer & reduce the loss of heat during winter. 5- Bring concrete in off the streets & forego tiles: Concrete is a base floor in many interiors already, so why add more? When polished & treated, concrete floors are stylish, versatile, easy to clean & last forever. 6- LED lights are your friend: LED lights should illuminate your space for general & decorative lighting. 7- Get Smart: Use a smart interior automation system that can regulate and time your air conditioning, heating, lighting, and window coverings. Extra advantage: they can calculate your real-time energy usage. 8- Check the stars: Look for energy star rating on appliances. Use energy-efficient air conditioning & equipment with a green star or HKEEL 1. 9- Slow the flow: Use low-flow faucets to save water. The modern design in the picture below allows flexibility of movement with the tap and is a stylish addition to any space. 10- Reduce humidity & fuel greenery: Save your water from your dehumidifier and use it to water your plants. Reduced humidity feels better in summer heat, & plants clean the air & brighten your day. At Liquid Interiors we use these ideas daily. We hope you can use them to start greening your interiors on your journey to quality green design. http://www.stylebyasia.com/10-stylish-ways-to-save-energy-indoors/